“The rise of the satanic super-soldiers…the coming chaos….that ushers in a whole new order.
Satanic Ritual Abuse; The Monarch Project; The Nazis.
How does the Anti-Christ rise to power?  
How does a New World Order come to control so many people?  
Why is there a massive rise in mind control?  
Thousands are seeking help with “voices in their heads”…Why?
Does the US military seek to weaponize satanic ‘energies?’
In this twilight of human history, darkness burns its black flame.
Soon it will al erupt, and fear will fly as the bloodshed begins.
 The Black Awakening will occur.
This book is the product of decades of research into an underground network
that has remained completely hidden.
Until now.


From a Time before Time
From a Land beyond the Stars
From the Age when Anu walked the earth
In company of Bright Angels.
We have survived the first War
Between the Powers of the Gods
And have seen the wrath of the Ancient Ones
Dark Angels
Vent upon the Earth

We have survived the Age when Absu ruled the Earth
And the Power destroyed our generations.
We have survived on tops of mountains
And beneath the feet of mountains
And have spoked with the Scorpions
In allegiance and were betrayed.

The accounts of the generations
Of the Ancient Ones here rendered
Of the generations of the Ancient Ones
Here remembered.
Cold and Rain that erode all things
They are the Evil Spirits
In the creation of Anu spawned
Plague gods

From the Magian Text of the Babylonian Necronomicon
(Avon Books, 1980, xx.)

The Black Awakening has nothing to do with a specific human race.

The Black Awakening does however have everything to do with another race.

But what race?

Pastor Russ Dizdar is all about spiritual warfare: studying, exposing, warning and teaching. For over thirty years and from thousands of hours of prayer and experience, his remarkable insight has led to an understanding of which most of us have never known.

With prayer, boldness, authority and composure, Russ stands down the darkest demons of Hell and patiently waits while we learn, falter and try to catch up. His is a ministry unique in every way: going farther back and back – to the root, and then following through with the cleansing and the watering.


Author Tom Horn supplies an uncomfortable answer:

“Something alarming has been happening since the dawn of time, which has been recorded in the history, holy books, and mythos of every great civilization. Ancient rabbinical authorities including Septuagint translators and early church fathers understood it. Sumerians, Assyrians, Egyptians, Greeks, the Hindus, the American Indians, and virtually all other civilizations wrote about it.

Beings of super intelligence sometimes referred to as “gods” descend through openings of sky, earth, and sea to interact with this planet’s creatures.”

A pattern began ago and is chronicled by the ancients of the great civilizations of Lemuria, Mu and Atlantis when the gods ruled our Solar System. Mighty in size and savage in deed whose memory seemed to be imbedded within the very blood of history. These gods with an insatiable appetite for blood, destruction and horror can be heard by ancient echoes with vague remnants still calling. And patterns, by nature, repeat.

These hybrid Nephilim, curiously known by etymologic tracing as “sons of outrageous behavior,” have experienced an unprecedented resurgence of interest, and not simply as a topic of theological speculation. They have spawned an entire genre of books, movies, television and innumerable podcast and radio shows. “Experts” seemingly appear out of nowhere, impressively but suspiciously savvy.Is it possible that the embers of ancient confusion, contest, and conquest — smoldering through the millennia of recent recorded history and kept alive with sacrificial rituals — will soon reignite a spark to light the torch of the ancient Black Flame?

Pastor Russ Dizdar,

Shatter The Darkness

“Chaos,” says Russ Dizdar, “is a big word…

We see hostility in so many ways, in the school shootings, fires, some of the biggest of those fires have been purposely set. But this is the kind of world that we are living in right now and we’re seeing the entire shaking of all kinds of levels the fabric. I think people are afraid of it, I think people are really worried now. “People are hearing voices, there’s a dark impulse and people are pushed over the edge.” Evil is creeping in all around us and our culture is feeling the effects of it. Almost everyone is saying it, ‘What’s next?’


Complete article ==> Secrets of The Black Awakening, part one

© 2008 Sue Bradley|PID

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