AN ANCIENT HOPE That Was Meant to Be Fulfilled

“People do not love men who give them the truth, but rather men who give them illusions.”

The ALLEGORY OF THE CAVE, written in the 4th century, BC, describes a group of prisoners chained to the walls of a darkened cave for their entire lives, facing only a blank wall. Their reality is comprised entirely of the moving shadows projected before them. As one of the group escapes to discover the outer reality of the cave, he returns to liberate the others, who, being blinded by the light at the cave mouth, retreat to their chains returning to their comfortable ‘reality.’Plato’s fourth century parable bears a stark resemblance to the choices made by twenty first century western civilization, specifically, those who dwell within the land of the free and the brave, the land of plenty, the United States. It would be difficult to find a more precise description of electronic media than the dancing shadows of Plato’s cave.On the eve of the Inaugural rite for the forty-fourth President of the United States, many continue to mull the enigmatic and ill-defined circumstances which have beset this once prospering republic, yet any explanation lacking the inclusion of spiritual examination is premised upon the inaccurate.

The physical environs themselves should demand explanation. Perched atop the US Capitol professing to be “Freedom,” is the dark goddess of the underworld, Persephone: the “destroyer of light,” symbol of deceit, despair, accusation, lies, envy, distrust, scheming, drudgery and gossip. Were it not heartbreaking, it would be a triumph, and the presence of Persephone serves to both consecrate and confirm the tragic irony of the rituals performed beneath.

Though the historical analysis of the monuments, design and intent of the architecture of our nation’s Capital is beyond the present objective, there are outstanding and carefully documented materials available. The question then remains: WAS the United States, as it has been presented in the twentieth century, founded as a Christian nation, or was it, as many believe, an abode of ancient spirits and other “sinister forces?”


“It was not my intention to doubt that, the Doctrines of the Illuminati, and principles of Jacobinism had not spread in the United States. On the contrary, no one is more truly satisfied of this fact than I am.” — George Washington, THE WRITINGS OF GEORGE WASHINTON, John C. Fitzpatrick

In a vision first recorded in 1880 and credited to President George Washington during his winter at Valley Forge, a “mysterious and luminous” emissary of angelic presence cautions the “Son of the Republic” to “Watch and learn.” How many have truly, without regard to personal comfort level, chosen to accepted the admonition and face the conclusions and questions which clearly emerge?


One can scarcely evade the surge of interest in all things esoteric and hermeneutic. The preparation and western programming has been deliberate, pernicious and masterful. From Dan Brown and the Merovingians, to bloodlines and blood oaths, Freemasonry and Illuminati, the patient quest for “the ancient knowledge” has advanced. The enculturation by cryptic cipher designed for a chosen few is nearly complete.

“An Occult Hierarchy rules the world, and directs the course of human events. The movement is led by powerful men who reject Christianity, embrace the “dark side,” and are dedicated to the formation of a world government and a world religion. Millions of people seeking “a new spirituality” follow them. They control the government, the media, the tax-exempt foundations, many corporations, and both political parties.” –Stanley Monteith, MD

Similar sentiments and insights explaining the “dark side” are offered by author Tom Horn:

“The objectives of the occult masters and the very real forces they serve is overlooked by average citizens, and yet, according to sacred texts, a collaboration exists between such unregenerate social architects and fallen angels. If the electorate becomes bewitched of this truth, humans in league with demons can increase their control of the machine of municipal government through sophisticated networks of both visible and invisible principalities. This happens subconsciously or intentionally among those vulnerable to the sinister dark plan.”

It is by the discreet introduction of deism as being nearly synonymous with Christianity, that a platform for the synergistic intent has been effectively established. Adroitly and incrementally, Francis Bacon’s “New Atlantis” using the Age of Reason and Enlightenment, was at first quietly cultivated and homologous familiarity and comfort ensued.

From within this hierarchy itself, a confirmatory juxtaposition is provided by former nineteenth century Southern Commander of the Scottish Rite, Albert Pike:

“… those who framed its Degrees adopted the most sacred and significant symbols of A VERY REMOTE ANTIQUITY, used MANY CENTURIES BEFORE the Temple of the King, Solomon, was built, to express to THOSE WHO UNDERSTOOD THEM, while concealing from the profane, the most recondite and mysterious doctrines in regard to God, the universe, and man.

“Masonry is as little a religious sect as it is a political party. As it embraces all parties, so it embraces all sects, to form from among them all a vast fraternal association. The morals of antiquity, of the law of Moses, and of Christianity, are ours. We recognize every teacher of Morality, every Reformer, as a Brother.”

There is little doubt that Albert Pike’s measured words are organized to explicitly describe a sub rosa knowledge fully revealed to an enormously select and elite few. “Very remote antiquity” differs from classical antiquity of academic record in both time and method of revelation. It will be demonstrated to be supernatural in origin, organization and purpose.


Within American political culture, there are probably no words uttered by politician or patriot that bear the weight, set the tone and carry such deliberate sanctity of purpose as the words which are chosen for a Presidential Inaugural Address. These words are selected for impact, nuance and ambiance. They carry with them the hope of lofty commitment, an invitation to an intimacy known to a very few, but intended to be shared, and a spirit designed to energize the masses, but quite often engaged to communicate concepts and passages quite removed from the observable.

The “Thousands points of light” introduced by President George HW Bush at the 1988 Republican Convention at the Louisiana Super Dome was repeated during his Inaugural Address twenty-two weeks later in January, 1989. Perceived as a promise to most, it became an unsettling preview to observers and engagers of the occult. The announcement on September 11, 1990 of an emergent “New World Order” as a “rare opportunity” during a “historic period of cooperation” rising from “troubled times” sent an unmistakable signal.

Couched far more insidiously were the “Angel in the whirlwind,” and “Fire in the minds of men” communiqués of our current President’s two Inaugural Addresses. The wonder that followed Tom Horn’s initial identification and exposition were staggering:

“Few would argue that with George W. Bush the language of godlike appointment went disturbingly deeper. Even members of his own Methodist denomination saw a change in him after he took office. He seemed to them to have become a man on a mission; somebody who believed he was “chosen” by God to carry out a “master plan.”

“Until the 2006 mid term elections unseated Republican control of congress and effectively stopped the juggernaut of his administration’s changes to domestic and foreign policy, the presidency of George W. was believably on a path toward an Apocalyptic vision led by dictums of the Angel in the Whirlwind. Whether the president fully understood the ramifications of his words and actions, he and others around him had: 1) acknowledged; 2) prayed to; and 3) welcomed supernatural agents to guide and influence the future machine of national sovereignty in a way oddly familiar to [Fyodor] Dostoyevsky’s novel…

“This is a picture of a world system average people never comprehend. If most of humanity could see through the veil into the invisible world that inhabits this planet, they would find a world alive with good against evil. It is a place where the prize is the souls of men, and where legions war for control of its cities and people. The end game for the darkest of these powers—together with their human counterparts—is to stand in the place of God.”

While igniting the “fire in the minds of men” in his 2005 Inaugural Address, did President Bush advance an agenda spawned millennia earlier described a century earlier by Albert Pike as “a very remote antiquity?”


“When our Founders declared a new order of the ages; when soldiers died in wave upon wave for a union based on liberty; when citizens marched in peaceful outrage under the banner “Freedom Now” – they were acting on an ANCIENT HOPE that is meant to be fulfilled.” –George W. Bush

Yet again, shrouded within the 2005 address was the enigmatic shibboleth: “An ancient hope that is meant to be fulfilled.” The concept of an “ancient hope” should convey the lofty ideals granted by a Holy Creator, but within the darker context communicated by Pike, caution and precedence must be considered and appraised by the fruit.

Anticipation is high as the torch is once again passed. Franklin Roosevelt, abundantly aware of esoteric symbolism cautioned us: “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

If we have arrived at the crossroads of breakthrough politics, should we – or can we, expect to hear the next level of cryptic rhetoric, and if so, will we indeed have an “ear to hear?”

As Abraham Lincoln spoke of “mystic chords of memory” which will be touched by the “better angels of our nature,” in his First Inaugural Address of 1861, the heralds of the tempests of history demand recognition. It is our obligation to discern and determine their purposes, giving equal weight but within the context of the reading of culture and evidence. This requires careful examination and a willingness to be enormously uncomfortable.

With a planet on the brink, it would be well served to examine a history that has been for the most part obscured and rewritten. The scope of such an exploration is gargantuan and far beyond the ability of any single researcher or authority. There is a profusion of information, mis-information, dis-information but mostly mis-direction. There is a roster of participants, many unwitting, some with purpose, behind whom there is also an ancient legion of prodigiously adept and supernaturally equipped players.

A collaborative effort is essential, discernment a given, and an open mind essential. As with all things new, some will agree, others vigorously resist, but all have no choice but to acknowledge and consider. Author and researcher Peter Levenda suggests beginning such an endeavor with an unusual premise for US history:

“We are haunted by the ghosts we created as well as the ones who were already here when we arrived.

You can say that the “haunted house” is a metaphor for the haunting of the American consciousness, and of course you would be right.  That is what I intended, but I intended it in such a way as to suggest that it could also be taken literally.  If we believe that a house can be haunted – because it is the locus of restless spirits, survivors of violence and madness – then America itself is certainly haunted.”

A publication by LUCIS TRUST intensifies the emphasis:

“Teachings about the spiritual Hierarchy are necessarily of an esoteric nature. The Masters of the Wisdom have worked for aeons from behind the scenes, inspiring, teaching and impressing human consciousness with ideas and ideals, thereby guiding and stimulating the evolution of humanity.

“The new esoteric teachings speak of a gradual move towards an externalization of the Hierarchy. This will imply the ultimate appearance in the open of the Masters of the Wisdom and their disciples, taking public office in the many fields of human life.” — The New Group of World Servers, BUILDING AND BRIDGING, 1992

There has been a marked acceleration in every sector of society and the convergence of multiple high level catalysts, any one of which has the potential of catastrophe, hangs in a stiffened air. Henry Spaak’s long ago appeal for a savior could almost sound justifiable: “Send us such a man, and be he God or devil, we will accept him.” Daily we draw nearer to Dr. Spaak’s desperate plea, and hourly the air darkens.




— Barack Obama

It is curious that the Potomac, the historic river whose waters that have for millennia coursed through the Chesapeake, means, “Something brought.” One can hardly imagine what these currents have carried, and these ancient waters have witnessed. We’ll begin by exploring this geographic area, the roots of an ancient hate and “The Nine.” Tom Horn’s “Rise of the Angelic Rule” has only begun.

(all emphases, smb)

Sue Bradley
January, 2009
Raiders News Network

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