META TAUTA, and after these things

 There is none like me, declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times, the things that are not yet done.                 Isaiah 46:9-10



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In 1876, British theologian George Hawkins Pember published an extraordinary treatise spanning the earliest records and myths of far ancient times with insights into the remarkable events that are rapidly unfolding in a twenty-first century world.

Earth’s Earliest Ages begins with a creation followed by an angelic rebellion and judgment and continues through recorded classical themes, early, middle and modern Church history and presents the patterns from the past which are being implemented daily.

In Exploring the Pastoral Epistles, author John Phillips specifically records that there are four “great eruptions of demonic activity” as described within the historical books of Scripture.

The first, says Phillips, came as an “unprecedented outbreak of satanism in the days of Noah.” The second was in Canaan as documented in the Book of Joshua where, the Israelites, expecting a land of milk and honey, were charged with the conquest of the land which had been inhabited by otherworldly usurpers of enormous size, strength, skill and exceptional acumen.

John Phillips notes that these two eruptions were identified by an “unprecedented outbreak of Satanism,” and both heavily involved the presence of giants, their demonic spawn and their unbridled violence directed to each other, but specifically for the express annihilation of the Image of God, mankind.

A third “eruption” would take place during the public ministry of Jesus Christ from whom all demonic activity was rebuked. Since that time, there have been hundreds of years of occult activity periodically produced by spiritism and brazen defiance which has historically (and plausibly) always been invited but eventually invaded the cultures of seekers, temporarily succeeding in this great deception.

Ominously, there is yet a fourth eruption just ahead: it is scheduled to accompany the end of the age and the [brief] reign of the coming “Lawless One,” the prophesied Antichrist himself. By following popular earth-centric paganism, the embracing of and communication with ‘seducing spirits,’ will most incredibly, be invited by purposeful engagement of the dark realms.

Great Altar of Zeus, Pergamon Museum, Berlin

Zacciah Blackburn of Sacred Sound, Sounding the Codes believes,

What many do not know is that many ancient cultures anchored or stored their wisdom through vibrational frequencies in the stones of their ancient temples.

It is the resonant frequencies of the stone, in attunement with one’s own consciousness, which create the vehicle to anchor or store these energies or information in the stone. Or vice versa, it is one’s resonant frequency, or state of consciousness, in attunement with the frequency of the stone, which allows one to move, store or access information within the body of the stone.

It is not mere co-incidence many of the ancient stone temples of the world were made with crystalline embedded stones, such as granite, which are known for their properties to pass or store energy. It is no longer a mythical metaphorical approximation to speak of the ‘symphony’ of the cosmos.  [emphasis, smb]



The union of the other worlds and the preparation for the appearance of the Nephilim.

The thoughtful, we say, will consider these facts and scriptures; and will not fail to note that this abhorrent and terrible subject is of practical moment, inasmuch as the Son of God has forewarned us that the days before His appearing again on earth will present a true likeness to the days of Noah and to the state of Sodom in the days of Lot.

the characteristic features of the days of Noah are reappearing, and above all, a free communication has been established between the spirits of the air and the human race with a view, apparently to sojourn once more of Nephilim upon Earth….

Unlawful secrets, known in past times only to those few who seem to have acted as Satan’s agents in directing the course of this world, and are now recklessly offered to all men. The remembrance of that appalling scene, when their brethren were hurled by omnipotent lightnings into pits of darkness, would seem to be fading from the minds of the fallen angels….

…We may put aside all fancies borrowed from heathen mythology respecting the union of superhuman beings with mortal women…, …but we are also told that this union produced a stock conspicuous for physical strength …

…and the usual course of sin, most frightful of insanities, is urging them on to the brink of the precipice from the abysmal depths of which the groans of their blasted companions ascend…                      — G W Pember


With worldwide (and other worldly) traditions, accounts, and technologies, it is becoming remarkably insistent that the ancient ‘mythologies’ specifically carry us back to the very ancient civilizations which insist the nearly universal belief of the entire ancient world as being ruled by the intellectually and enormously physically superior “mighty men of old.”

Lion Men of Moab, 2 Samuel 23

The Greek poet Hesiod describes the nature and habitation of an ‘astral’ “golden race:”

First, the immortals who possess the mansions of Olympus, created a golden race to articulate speaking men. They lived in the time of Chronos [Saturn], when he ruled in heaven…rejoicing in festal pleasures far from the reach of common ills.

These god-men died as if overcome by sleep, buried in cultivated fields and lands which would spontaneously become fruitful and abundant. To the ancients, these gods were their benevolent, enriching harvest and stock as a measure of favor.

It is of note that change was realized upon the expulsion of Saturn/Chronos effectively ending this golden age. Within one generation the ‘children’ of these gods, chief among them Zeus, turned violent, haunting and dispensing harsh judgments as their royal prerogative had decreed.


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