Monkeys, Men and Mind Control

A talismanic peculiarity of US Psyops                     

© 2010, Steve Quayle, Raiders News Network, Sue Bradley

In Sinister Forces: The Nine, author Peter Levenda discusses the initial development of the US mind control and directed energy weapons programs. Among the early luminaries in these studies was Andrija Puharich, a Chicago born physician whose notable contributions include parapsychology, psychic research and their relationship to electromagnetic force fields.

Andrija Puharich

During his years of inactive and active duty as a member of the US Army Medical Corp, Puharich advanced his education and philosophies publishing his theory that neurons both transmit and receive radio waves and contributing much of the theory in a new field which would become biophysics.[1] In 1948, Andrija Puharich formed the Round Table Foundation of Electrobiology in Camden, Maine with strong association with the US MK ULTRA programs and interestingly, the home of Tibbett’s Industries.

Presently IntriCon Tibbetts, Tibbett’s Industries was one of only three US companies manufacturing piezoelectric crystals, used during WWII for various military electro-acoustical applications including headsets for military pilots but equally prominent in the research and development of transducers used in hearing aids, cardiac electronics and other electromagnetic medical devices.[2]

In the early 1950’s mainstream media had developed a strong interest in the government’s use of para/psychic research and warfare applications.

In November of 1952, Andrija Puharich published An Evaluation of the Possible Usefulness of Extrasensory Perception in Psychological Warfare, which was presented to Pentagon officials. Puharich’s professional interests complemented his personal fascination and involvement in occultic eastern Brahamism. In February, 1952, Andrija Puharich enlisted a “reading” by Hindu scholar and medium, D.J. Vinod of Poona, India.

The “reading” commenced with Vinod grasping Purharich’s right ring finger, before going into a trance during which Vinod proceeded to recount Puharich’s life in detail, “as though he were reading out of a book.”[3]

Andrija Puharich expanded his circle of like-minded associations by surrounding himself with select members from his Round Table Foundation, who would ascend in occult prominence as, The Nine.  This impressive roster of the US’ earliest pedigreed families included, Henry Jackson, Georgia Jackson, Alice [née Astor] Bouverie, Marcella DuPont, Carl Betz, Vonnie Beck, Arthur Young [Bell Helicopter], Young’s wife, Ruth Forbes Paine Young and Puharich himself.

Peter Levenda goes on to describe a subsequent gathering of The Nine, who would be the terrestrial counterparts of the extraterrestrial group calling itself THE NINE, during which a séance was conducted by Dr. Vinod: 

Some months later, on June 7, 1953, the night of the full moon, Puharich gathered around him what was to be a core group of the Round Table Foundation for another session with Vinod… …

The séance proceeded in the following fashion: Dr. Vinod sat on the floor, the nine members of the group in a circle around him, with a copper plate on his lap, prayer beads in his hands, and a small statue of “Hanoum,” a Hindu god that the author believes to be Hanuman, the Monkey King. ….  

…In this sense, replete with silence, obedience, a club, and a mountain of herbs, Hanuman might easily have been the patron saint of MK-ULTRA. 

Levenda goes on to point out in Journey to the West, a Chinese epic, this same “Monkey” is depicted as a TRICKSTER, a confidence-man and a master of martial arts, who is part of a Buddhist priest’s bodyguard.”[4]


Perhaps the most disquieting and glaringly surreal are the unprecedented series of events and mysticism which would follow decades later.

In June 2008, a gold plated statue of the monkey god Hanuman was ‘sanctified’ by a dozen Hindu priests and kept in a shrine for eleven days before reaching Denver, Colorado when, on August 24, the idol was presented to then presidential hopeful, Barack Obama.[5]

 Hindu Priests Bless Hindu Monkey God, Hanuman

In New Delhi, June 24, 2008  © Reuters Pictures

55 years, 2 months and 22 days after the Puharich séance in which Hanoum was encircled by occult adherents,  Barack Hussein Obama, himself of questionable spiritual pedigree, would accept the Democratic Party’s nomination for President of the United States.

Among the personal pocket talismans of the US Commander in Chief is a miniature charm of Hanuman.

 Catch a fallen star and put it in your pocket?…


  [all emphases, smb]

Sue Bradley, 2010



  1. Peter Levenda, Sinister Forces, The Nine TrineDay, Walterville OR, 2005.
  2. IntriCon Tibbetts, formerly Tibbett’s Industries, founded in 1945 by Dr. Raymond Tibbetts.
  3. Andrija Puharich, Uri: A Journal of the Mystery of Uri Geller, Introduction, Anchor Press / Doubleday 1974.
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One Response to “Monkeys, Men and Mind Control”

  1. Richard X. Nelson Says:

    Hello. I am the Grandson of Henry X. and Georgia J. Jackson, firstborn of thier firstborn, Larry X. Jackson. Your article here is one of very few articles I can find pertaining to my Grandfather and Grandmother’s work with the Round Table Foundation.

    James T. Moore of Rockport, ME. and Nancy Rochester of Camden, ME. (both long time family friends of my father’s) have been helpful, but not illuminatingly so.

    Your reference to Hanuman has become another link in my quest to understand who I really am, who it is that is guiding me, and why it is that they are giving me strong hints about my power, and who it is that I truly am, and was born to be.

    I was born in the year of the monkey…

    My Grandfather died before I became aware of my specialties, can you PLEASE contact me in private. It is my strong belief that you were meant to help with this! Otherwise, I am adrift with no understanding, nor ability to do the things I am here to do. Whatever they may be.

    According to what the back of my mind has been telling me since birth, that purpose exists on a grand scale – and it’s my belief that I have been intentionally scrambled in an effort to prevent that purpose.

    My heartfelt thanks, for your assistance.

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