The 2012 Mayan Connection: Pittsburgh and The Thousand Points of Light


THE QUESTION: Why Pittsburgh to host the G20 Conference in Sptermber, 2009?

THE ANSWER: The US Representative Host, President Obama chose a venue that could say “Welcome to the United States” in a manner unlike anywhere else on the planet.

And where better than in a garden? After all, that is where mankind’s problems began, and where better venue than a benchmark of Pittsburgh favorite for over a century.  A Victorian Era glass house is known as the “Green Heart of Pittsburgh,” and its recently completed EARTH-SHELTERED WELCOME CENTER earned Phipps the distinction of the first LEED-Certified Building in a public garden.

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

It would be impossible to impart a more exquisitely precise communique to the world – and from a country already embroiled in the moral and political quagmire of an earlier Babylon – than a welcome to a distinguished ‘company of nations’ with a glass sculpture which ethereally resonates an ancient and united message:  BABEL

“The Tower” Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

As the designated venue for the welcoming ceremony, for the planetary luminaries, Phipps Conservatory’s featured display of Babel, would have been to some a whimscal presence. For others familiar with the reality of spiritual warfare, the crystal statue spoke silent volumes , but the din most certainly reached to heaven.

But what most nation-rulers miss (a very probable exception being German Chancellor, Angela Merkel whose background includes a PhD in physics), molecular biologists and geneticists would immediately recognize the missing double-helix DNA contrasting the anomalous model of the skillfully disguised crystal structure of single-strand DNA.

In 1927, as a German physicist participated in a debate on macromolecules, a stunning revelation was given: We are shocked like zoologists would be if they were told SOMEWHERE IN AFRICA AN ELEPHANT WAS FOUND WHO WAS 1500 FEET LONG AND 300 FEET HIGH.
Since then prestigious professional journals have included the uncomfortable reality of hyper-sized organisms. In a treatise discussing Polymers & People – Molecular Giants, the Journal reiterates:
This process not only permantly alters the human carrier, but produces the mutated super-creatures most recognize as the Nephilim.
In the visible world, giants are both large in size and few in number. They immediately attract our attention, WHETHER A SEVEN FOOT TALL ATHLETE, A FIFTEEN HUNDRED-WALL IN CHINA OR A HUNDRED-FOOT LONG BLUE WHALE.
The article continues with exponentially more disquieting discourse:
Early in the twentieth century the discovery of giants in the invisible world of molecules created excitement among scientists. These giant molecules are called polymers…
…They fascinate us not because they are scarce, but because they are everywhere about us. POLYMERS ARE THE MESSENGERS OF HEREDITY, the components of important natural resources, and the key to many of the materials that people have used for clothing and shelter for centuries. To understand how natural polymers are formed and how they function was a challenge. Chemists and engineers have met that challenge. THEY HAVE ALSO FOUND HOW TO CREATE SYNTHETIC POLYMERS OF UNPARRALLED VARIETY. THESE NEW MATERIALS ARE WOVEN INTO EVERY ASPECT OF OUR AGE…

The single-strand DNA Serpent seed joins with the double-strand Human DNA to produce the MINGLED Seed:

The Golden Strand


The Brazen Serpent of Moses

But if the oddities were thought to be ended in the Welcome Gallery the experience might be less irreverent. Instead of “The Tower” securing the entrance to the alluded “Hanging Gardens,” a brochure promises the visitor a far more extraordinary revelation.


Is this really what it’s all about?

A type of Official Disclosure gone silly or a less traumatic introduction to real Earth Ecology 101?

While “otherworldly” figures doing playful balancing acts on land and water and spheres in the background is whimsy for some, for others, making “contact” is a high-stakes battle for the souls of men.

Pittsburgh is more recognizable as home to a blue collar baseball, football, and hockey, Heinz 57 and Iron City Beer, any native resident over 50 remembers the “Smoky City’s” pungent gases, gritty air and buildings blackened by two centuries of coal mining, metal working and steel production. In 1868, author James Parton described “the ‘Burgh” as a “hell with the lid off!”

But can the Renaissance Steel City be a venue such as James Parton believed?  Did he know something about the ancient past of Pittsburgh and the Western Pennsylvania area … a something that strangely ‘drew’ the global elites to convene in an ‘in earth’ with a Babylon them, hosted by the earlier crowned “King of the World,” while acting Military Ruler of Babylon.

What ancient secrets might Pittsbugh hold that gives it a worldwide reputation as one of the most spiritually dynamic and sacred sites o the planet?

The answer may well rest in the confluence of the famed Three Rivers…. and the ‘hidden’ river, The’ Fourth River, which feeds the fountain at the Golden Triangle’s Point State Park.


Continue reading, pdf format ==> Pittsburgh and THE THOUSAND POINTS OF LIGHT

Pittsburgh and 2012: The Mayan Connection

From the Twin Miracle Forum:


In 1998 Nance Erhardt Stewart and Frank Bennett Keller met in Western Pennsylvania and began an extraordinary spiritual journey together as Twin Souls. They were guided to discover secrets hidden within the Ancient Landscape of Western Pennsylvania. In doing so, they received revelations that connected Western Pennsylvania to Biblical Prophecy, Buddhist Prophecy, indigenous Native American Prophecy including the Mayans, and Islam. 
Two of several of the secrets that connect Western Pennsylvania and the great Mayan Civilization are the subjects of this post. One is a direct connection in ancient times between Western Pennsylvania and the Mayans.
The other reveals The Crown of Venus, twelve Universal Light Portals secreted in the Ancient Landscape of Earth, that were to be activated from 2001-2007. One of those twelve Portals was hidden in the Ancient Landscape of Western Pennsylvania. Much of Nance and Frank’s early journey together was to find and activate this Maya or Maha Yuga Portal before September 11, 2001. 
The transmissions received by Nance and Frank revealed that the Mayans themselves would verify the Crown of Venus and the twelve Univeral Light Portals through a secret Mayan glyph, still to be interpreted.  The Pittsburgh Portal’s verification from the Mayans would occur specifically in 2009.
Pittsburgh’s Point at Night
The Mini white hole of the Pittsburgh Maya or Maha Yuga Portal of the Crown of Venus was at historic Three Rivers Point. Nance and Frank’s transmissions revealed that this part of the Portal was to be activated by many in November 2006. 

It was for them to find the mini black hole part of the Portal by following in the hidden underground fourth river, the spiritual wormhole that connected each part. The part of the Portal in their keeping would be found somewhere north of the City of Pittsburgh near the source of that fourth hidden river. By the fall of 2000 they found the general area where the black hole part of the Portal should be located, but they hadn’t found the Portal. In October of 2000 in three fantastical transmissions, they learned that they had to find and activate that part of the Pittsburgh Portal before September 2001.

Their transmissions revealed that from September 12-17 2001 a decision would be made that would place the entire planet on the path of purification and that the last World War of this Cycle of Creation would begin then.
The transmissions revealed that this was an inevitable event and could not be changed. However, a divine mitigation could occur in Western Pennsylvania that would place the world on a more favorable path before the war began. The part of the Portal in their keeping had to be activated in order for this mitigation to happen. 
Frank accepted all of this information with detachment. Nance couldn’t believe it. It was too fantastical and too overwhelming to her. However, with Frank’s help, the help of trusted friends with whom they shared this information, and with the guidance of Mahajarom, she put aside her doubts and fears and yielded to the guidance. 
The Black Hole part of Pittsburgh’s Portal was activated by Nance and Frank on August 25, 2001. A Greek seer and clairvoyant named, Maia, who was guided by her own transmissions  to travel from Clearwater Florida to witness the activation, joined them. Within minutes of the activation all three heard a thundering noise and felt the ground shake.
 It was as if a massive tree had fallen to earth from the heavens. All three searched for the source of the sound and shaking but found nothing. Later that night, a magnificent Light Being visited Maia. The Being told her to find the pyramid and the stone. At dawn’s light, she searched. About 50 feet from the spot of the activation the night before, she saw five enormous pine trees that formed a perfect pyramid against the morning sky. Behind it she found a large flat stone. It had not been there before! The Portal! 
Almost from the beginning, all three could hear screams, cries, terrible explosions and other horrible noises being absorbed into the stone.These horrific sounds were unnerving to Nance and Maia, but not to Frank. He listened with ears that could hear and understood the significance of what was occurring with perfect detachment. Also from the beginning gravity was very heavy on and around the stone and linear time literally slowed down. Once to a zero point.  And physical objects placed on the stone always disappear eventually.
As September 12th approached the sounds grew louder and more sustained finally reaching a fevered pitch the night before September 11, 2001. Of course, we all know now what occurred on that fateful day.  And we know that  a mitigation did occur in Western Pennsylvania that placed all earth on a slightly more favorable path. The downing of Flight 93 by its passengers in Western Pennsylvania prevented that plane from hitting its target, the US Congress.


Sue Bradley, October, 2009

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