Secrets of The Black Awakening: Part II – WHAT LIES BENEATH?



Mount Untersberg, Austria

“The Mountain of the people carried away”


Mount Untersberg, Austria. Most in American and western cultures have unknowingly been captivated by the pristine majesty of this Austrian summit, though few realize it.

The sweeping panorama of the spectacular Untersberg was the location of the opening and closing scenes of Rogers and Hammerstein’s spectacular musical, The Sound of Music. We too gathered ‘round as Julie Andrews sang of the songs sung for a thousand years and experienced the jubilation as the Von Trapp family struggled over the cragged rocks of Untersberg to escape the Nazi dominion.

We were delighted with Mount Untersberg. So was Adolf Hitler.

A favored destination for outdoor enthusiasts, Mount. Untersberg has long drawn climbers, hikers, skiers and canyoners, and paragliders. The Saltzburg, Austria tourism guide describes Untersberg as “Nature on the doorstep” and as the “heart of many Salzburg traditions.” But exactly what is at the “heart of” so many Salzburg traditions is to many both captivating and terrifying: an older rendering of “Untersberg” is “Berg der Unteren” – the mountain of the people carried away.”


 Often noted by spiritual aspirants as an “energy spot” or “magnetic geo-node,” many seekers come to Untersberg to be refreshed by the water, drawn to over 400 caves and tunnels by what is described as a “strong magnetic anomaly.” Mount Untersberg has been characterized by the Dalai-Lama as the “sleeping dragon,” the “heart-chakra of the world.” The legends of time portals, missing expeditions, tunnel systems leading to fountains, temples, forests and marble rooms go back hundreds of years.

 One of the most persistent rumors involves the legend of Karl the Great (of the Holy Roman Empire of German Nation), known in the west as Charles the Great or Charlemagne. Though physically buried in the German village of Aachen, it is believed that the “astral form” of this emperor sleeps in the mysterious depths of a subterranean throne room, surrounded by his strongest knights, gnomes, frost giants and fire giants, Valkyries and other “Volk,” awaiting the final liberation of his country and kinsmen; that he will rule over a thousand year kingdom of Aryan dominion. Other accounts maintain this entity is the spirit of the emperor Frederich Barbarossa.

Within the ancient “mythologies” of the “Ice People,” are the prophecies that at a future point in time, though time itself is a variable, the “Watcher-god” Heimdall will sound his trumpet to summon the children of Loki. This semi-divine/human Sixth Race will break their bonds and unite with the forces of chaos to sail from the land of the Niflheim, located in an astral plane beyond the auroras, waging the final battle with the current “usurpers” of the planet to culminate in the enthronement of their vaticinated king.

 It is this anticipated kingdom and its preparation that has been the goal of the ancient spirits. This is the heart of The Black Awakening. And it is the understanding of the “Volk” that clarifies this motivation and interprets the history of the human race.



Mount Untersberg  © Photographers Direction

The Untersberg is known to be inhabited by certain kinds of elemental spirits of Nature, some of which are good and benevolent, others of a wicked and malicious nature, and inimical to mankind; and there are innumerable tales circulating among the people in the neighborhood, telling about the doings of the gnomes, fairies, wild women, and giants, dwelling within caves and in gorgeous marble halls and grottoes filled with gold and precious stones that will turn into dead leaves and stones when seen in the light of day.

“Some of the friendly tribes come out of the Untersberg on certain occasions, and they are said to have sometimes associated with the inhabitants of our plane of existence, partaking in the dances and amusements of the peasants, and even taking stray children with them into the Untersberg; and, incredible as it may appear, it is even asserted by, “those who know” that marriages have taken place between citizens of our world and the inhabitants of the kingdom of gnomes, and that these spirits of Nature, being themselves not immortal, seek to obtain immortality by their union with immortal man….

 “…Of course it is known to everybody that within the mysterious depths of the Untersberg there dwells the soul of a great emperor in his astral form. There, together with his retinue, he sleeps an enchanted sleep, waiting for the liberation of his country. Sometimes very suddenly, even on a clear summer day, clouds are seen to issue from the sides of the mountain; grotesquely-formed ghost-like mists arise from the caverns and precipices, crawling and gliding slowly upwards toward the top, and form on the neighboring peaks also, clouds of monstrous shapes and sometimes of gigantic proportions floating on, until the head of the Untersberg is surrounded by a surging sea of vapours growing dense and dark….

“…This of course is fable, and the ‘emperor in the Untersberg’ is well known to the wise; but as to the dark birds referred to, they are typified by certain black-robed and stiff-necked gentlemen, whom you may frequently meet. The liberation for which the emperor waits also seems to me not that from any foreign yoke, but the redemption from selfishness with its consequent evils…”

“Look at The Untersberg over there.  It is not by chance that I have my seat across from it.” – A. Hitler

For some, sites such as Untersberg, Mt. Shasta, Chitzen Itza, Serpent Mounds and Apollonian Temples inspire an earthy yet universal connectivity with the expectation of a quantum evolutionary spiritual leap, the dawning of Aquarius, the cosmic moment which will rally a collective pantheistic spirit into an age of resonant peace.

But for others, it is from within such venues and ruins that sinister presences emerge, smoldering for centuries and summoned by the siren’s song of a long awaited destiny. They have indeed been patient: a final rest before their “finest hour.”



 As both a watchman and a hands on intercessor, Russ Dizdar sees the coming onslaught:

 Like the prophecy of the flood, spoken of in the Old Testament, a catastrophic event, similar seekers, led by the same ancient spirits, mocked, laughed, sat and watched as the days moved forward. What God had spoken about for the catastrophic event of the flood eventually occurred.

Ancient war gods, separated by time, geography, language and culture are mustering through hedonistic arrogance. Now battling among themselves for dominance, taking hostage the human race while using it as foot soldiers before being discarded as pawns, these dark spirits know of a coming date. It is revealed in Revelation 19:19. Eventually, they will unite to “wage war” with the ‘common’ enemy.

But God has unveiled massive communication about why we sense evil in the air. Believe it or not, it doesn’t change. What God has spoken will come to pass. It has been revealed that a devastating impact, a Black Awakening so massive, so striking, that some, even those who are searching through all the minute tributaries of spiritual streams, those grabbing hold of every eclectic spiritual experience, looking under every spiritual rock and seeking to break through the dimensions and get to the other side, will be slaughtered as ritual.

What can be expected of the Volkeschaos? Russ continues:

Every type of killing spree will be happening in every city, at the same time along with many other things, bombings, crippling of the water supply, crippling of the electrical grid, sabotage in the military, government and law enforcement; the elimination of resisters. As bad as some things we have seen, this will be on a global level, and they are only sparks before the fire.

The question is whether we are ready. What can we do to weaken the Black Awakening?  The Black Awakening is the busting of the dam, but it is not water that will gush out; it’s the millions of dark spirits who are massed at the border of the veil that is between us and them. It is a satanic ritual, and those open doors to the dark spirits.

The Black Awakening will have such a presence and manifestation of the demonic that it will be like a soot you can feel but not see. The coming new spiritual order will come out of bloody chaos and havoc will be accomplished by these hideous overlords.


Complete article ==> Secrets of the Black Awakening, Part II – What Lies Beneath?

Russ Dizdar, Shatter the Darkness

 Sue Bradley, September 2008  ©Sue Bradley, PID News


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