Secrets of The Black Awakening: Part V – RISE OF THE ANCIENTS



The seeds sown in preparation for the “coming race” were steeped in the occultism of nineteenth and twentieth century Europe largely influenced by the metaphysical writings of earlier theosophists and mystics. These seeds, as understood by their adherents, are nourished by the life force of Vril–VRI-IL, “like god”, the vast primordial energy source manifest in levels commensurate to the hereditary purity of a the host.

The fictional VRIL, The Power Of The Coming Race , published in 1871 by Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton most closely describes the origins and properties of Vril as an “all-permeating fluid” used by the generational descendants of a post-flood civilization living in the subterranean canyons of the Earth, alive via the omnipotent properties of Vril itself.

Having power over all thought and matter, the properties of Vril can be used to build or destroy, and it is within this context that the concept of Vril begins to resemble the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil. The genius of Wolfgang Goethe is attributed to his hours of contemplation of seeds, trees and half-cut apples and, by extension, his legendary psychic abilities which are, for the initiates of Vril, similar to the abilities of the subterranean race.

It was from the extraordinary powers of Vril that the transformation of the human race would realize its ultimate and destined position as a race, and seekers aligned themselves with like minded and worthy seekers, to form many of Nordic associations: The Vril Society, Black Order of the Sun, Men of the Black Stone, Holy Vehm, Thule-Gesellschaft the Luminous Lodge and the ultra elite Ahnenerbe.* The underground origins are echoed in The Vril Society’s maxim, “Not all good comes from above.”

Emblem of the SS Ahnenerbe

The powerful attributes inherent in Vril would by nature require scrupulous administration, hence the establishment of the racially exclusive initiatory societies for anthropological and scientific research as well as preservation and, most importantly, development. The goal of the Master Race could be achieved if there was controlled access to just one generation and while the present generation was too secularized for adaptation for the “New Germany,” the strongest could be built from “the inside out” through the stringent and selective program, “Lebensborn,” the VESSELS FOR THE HOSTS OF LUCIFER


Complete article ==> The Black Awakening: Part V – RISE OF THE ANCIENTS

Sue Bradley, January, 2009 ©PID NEWS



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