UNRESTRICTED WARFARE: China’s Master Plan for the West


[UPDATE NOTE, January, 2010: the order of the methods below is curious: events from this 1999 publication read as a roster of  21st Century geo/meta advancement objectives – in a rapidly accelerating and intensity progression.]

Originally published February, 2008; and





Over a decade ago, in 1997, the US Department of Defense published portions of its Four-Year Defense Investigation Report. Included in the summary was the question regarding the pace of the US decline from superpower status into a future security environment of multipolarization.  More disturbing than the acknowledgment of the decline of the US, was the acceptance that decaying hegemony was a certainty, a premise that was not debated. The report’s focus was the rate and diverse areas of decline and the projected strategic response by opportunistic adversaries, specifically China.

In 1999, Colonels Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui, of China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA), published an obscure volume detailing the many methods China and other countries hostile to the US may use in combination or independently to wage total war against the US or the North American continent entirely, many which involve non military methods.

Though personally distributed to all members of the United States Congress, the US Supreme Court and all official members of the US Executive branch by Adm. Moorer, “Unrestricted Warfare,” apparently had little impact on western politicians despite author Qiao Liang’s premise that,the first rule of unrestricted warfare is that there are no rules, [with] nothing [is] forbidden.”


In July, 2005, the Pentagon released a study of Chinese military capabilities in which fmr. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld indicated that China’s arms build-up was an area of concern.” It should be: the roster of approaches is strikingly similar – and obvious. Identifiedasymmetrical warfare approaches include:

Financial warfare,” the subversion of banking systems, commodity markets and currency instability, devaluation and currency collapse.  [UPDATE:  please see:Adrian Salbuchi – Global Financial Collapse – Part 1; 

Psychological warfare,” by chemical, biological or electronic means to manipulate perceptions, reduce will and increase population anxiety;    [UPDATE: please see UNIFIED FIELD DEVICES;   MAJOR ELECTROMAGNETIC MIND CONTROL PROJECTS ; LEADING EDGE RESEARCH GROUP

Media warfare,” by the manipulation of foreign media, by compromising or intimidating journalists or the use of economic or OTHER MEANS to influence, impose, and/or distort reported events and information systems;  [UPDATE:  “enough said”…]   See also: Steve Quayle’s LIST OF DEAD SCIENTISTSHolly Deyo’s MUZZLED SCIENTISTS: SILENCE IS GOLDEN 

Resource warfare,” by the seizing of vital natural resources, SPECIFICALLY WATER; [UPDATE: Please see:  Clean Water Restoration Act; Federal Water Pollution Act, Clean Water Act]

Drug warfare,” which includes the weakening of societal boundaries through the flooding of a population with illicit, mind altering drugs;   [UPDATE: Colombia, Afghanistan]

Smuggling warfare,” by sabotaging a rival country’s economy by flooding markets with illegal goods and jeopardizing economies with pirated and counterfeited products.  [UPDATE: “Made in _____”]

Cultural warfare,” by influencing the cultural biases of a target country through the imposition of other worldviews.  [UPDATE: ethnic profiling, challenging long held spiritual idealogies of history and intent; see also: Adrian Salbuchi: 2010 Forecast: Transition from Globalization to World Government, 12 Global Triggers] 

International-law warfare,” which includes the used of multinational organizations and political treaties to block enemy activity;   [UPDATE: NAFTA, CAFTA, NAU, SPP, UN, WHO, NATO, WCC, IMF, ICC…]

Ecological warfare,” using scalar technology to induce tectonic and volcanic activity.   [UPDATE: Colombia, Afghanistan]  See: Scalar Wars – Weaponization; The Tom Bearden Website  


These methods, as well as new-concept weapons including kinetic-energy weapons, directed-energy weapons, subsonic weapons, geophysical weapons, meteorological weapons, solar energy weapons, genetic weapons, nanobots, and computer viruses can inflict paralyzing devastation with minimal expense and effort, but also read like a checklist of 21st century United States History.

Below is a video clip of Ret. Lt. Col. Tom Bearden, portions of which permissions was given to transcribe and publish in Mary Shelley, the Cumaean Sibyl and Pandemics and Emerging Diseases (subtopic of “Exotic Threats” and Biological Warfare).

In Aids, Biological Warfare, Ret. Lt. Col. Tom Bearden describes and documents the results of repeated independent studies of Dr. Vlail Kaznacheyev, director of the Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine in Novosibirsk, Siberia.   Here Tom discusses the US Embassy deaths in Moscow as well as the very surreptitious possibilities of scalar interferometry as it can be applied to biological warfare….without the actual pathogens being present.

Tom Talks Tesla – 2/2 – Channel: Drachnid on LiveVideo.com

At approx. 21 minutes in this presentation the following was transcribed:

 The Soviets reported detecting near-ultraviolet photons – bio-luminescence – as carriers of the death/disease pattern.   However, scientists at the University of Marburg in West Germany also duplicated the effect in the infrared. 

This shows that bioluminescent photons in the near UV and in the IR can definitely carry “disease and death” information between cells.  Further, integrating a continuing input of such photons coherently integrates the disease or death pattern from the virtual state into the observable state.  Note also that portions of the infrared spectrum are a subharmonic of the near ultraviolet.  Harmonics are well-known in nonlinear oscillator theory, and biological systems are filled with nonlinear oscillators.  It may be that harmonics and subharmonics are directly involved in the death pattern…

  …[in] other words, one can create the healing pattern – the antidote, if you will, for any biological warfare agent.  Cancer, leukemia, AIDS, viral diseases, bacterial diseases, whatever.  One can create the antidote within minutes after the first symptoms of the disease or death pattern appear.  One can then simply add the negating (healing) signal to power line signals, television and radio signals, special transmitters, etc. – and immediately start to “administer the antidote” to the irradiated population one wishes to protect. 

Now one can see why the Soviets are so ready to expose the entire world to something like AIDS.  It doesn’t represent a real problem to them, the instant they decide to negate it …  

There are other even more diabolical possibilities, but these should be quite sufficient to illustrate the point.  

Pandora’s box has already been spilled, and the end of humanity is ticking away like a time-bomb.  It’s already nearly midnight, and the watchman hasn’t even sounded the alarm yet….  


…Looking at it along the lines of scalar interferometry, and dealing with something [that] can [have] some rather astounding weapons effects, we can see…

Now, what does that imply?…

…Those radiators [scalar] could conceivably create within a mass population, the instantaneous spread of mass diseases of all kinds.

 They would be anomalous, you could be dying, for example, of bubonic plague and you wouldn’t have the organism…..

But if that part is true, it represents a biological weapon of incredible implications for population warfare.

 I hope to God I’m wrong, but I don’t think I am.”


Complete 2008 article  ==> UNRESTRICTED WARFARE, China’s Master Plan to Destroy the West

Complete article ==> Mary Shelley, the Cumaean Sibyl, Pandemics and Emerging Diseases

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2 Responses to “UNRESTRICTED WARFARE: China’s Master Plan for the West”

  1. frank holmqvist Says:

    Project Beethoven..Boom, boom,boom, boom Come let me in, I am Thy FATE…. WORDS TO OPERA…



  2. ann Says:

    Excellent article and your research matches mine. Here comes everything but the kitchen sink and then duck because the plumbing is next. The evil fallen ones are well aware that time is short and are pedal to the metal. Love to the rest in the mighty name of our Creator, YHVH. ann

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